Saturday, 27 January 2018

What is Responsive Website & Why Do You Need It ?

12. Responsive Website: -
A Responsive Website means that a website that sets the height and width according to the device as soon as the mobile or desktop is opened to anyone. In small, the mobile readers do not have any problem reading at the Responsive Website. To check whether your website is responsive or not, you can resize your browser.
There are some of the important reasons to consider responsive design when you are considering the SEO of your website:-

1. Google considers it as best practice: - When we talk about SEO, it’s important to know and follow what Google says. What it says goes because it has the largest market share of search engines. Google recently stated it as the best practice which means if you have both a mobile version and a regular website you will be ranked lower than someone who has a responsive design. In terms of SEO, it should help your site gain better rankings over a site that separately has a regular version as all links are channeled into a single URL instead of splitting it into two different ones.

2. Improves the Bounce Rate: - Main focus is to improve user experience and readability of the page while viewing it on different mobile devices. If a site looks good, performs satisfactorily and behaves well, users will stay on it for a long time thereby increasing its bounce rate which in any case is a good thing for your site and its Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

3. Saves on SEO efforts, time and cost: - Anyone who has worked superficially on SEO will tell you that it’s a time-consuming process that also involves financial resources. Doing all your SEO efforts again for your mobile site doesn’t make sense. Optimizing one site is tough, let alone trying to do the same for two. When you opt for a responsive web design, it works for SEO on desktop site and will also apply to the mobile version of your site. This also applies to troublesome link building process. The entire link portfolio you build for the main site will also apply to your mobile site.

4. Avoids duplicate content: - You risk placing some duplicate content on one of the sites by creating two sites for the same business. Even changing your whole content will eat up your time and money. With same content placed at two different sites, you could drive the visitor to the wrong version of the site. Webmasters who replicate the content of their desktop website on their mobile version also run the risk of damaging the credibility of the mobile site from search engine’s perspective. Applying responsive design mitigates this type of risky behavior.

5. Easy updating: - Updating will be a two-course process which is annoying and can also result in messing up of the SEO of your main site if you have two separate sites. However, there’s only one site to be updated with responsive design and hence less chance to make significant mistakes.

Professional & Quality Mobile Friendly Website: -
We offer responsive web design services for small to medium sized businesses. Combining Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), PPC and facebook ads. We have extensive experience in responsive web design & SEO. Creating Google compliant sites that are built to drive leads to your business. Professional websites, latest Design and easy to navigate, ensuring relevant and high-quality content.

Greater Analytics: -
Another benefit that comes with a responsive website is more detailed data about your website. When paying for any service, most people want to know what they are getting for their monthly payments. Website analytics hold the solution. By changing your site to a responsive design, large amounts of data will be available for your review. Tracking your website’s performance in a customized dashboard allows you to view your site analytics at any time.
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