Wednesday, 17 January 2018

On page Seo Techniques To Rank On The First Page

ON Page SEO Steps:

1. Website Speed:-

1. If has a website that is speed 1-5 seconds, for the website that is fast.

2. If has a website that speed 5-10 seconds, to improve your website's ranking.

3. If your website has a speed 10 seconds, then you have a website that is ready to use immediately.

Does Website Speed Affect SEO & Search Rankings?

Your website load speed is important for a couple of reasons.

First off, you want to have a fast loading website so your visitors don’t get impatient and leave before you have a chance to tell them how great you are. After all, you worked so hard to get them to click on your website. You don’t want them to leave because your website loads slow do you?
Of course not.

The second reason is because Google and the other search engines are making page load speed a ranking factor.

No matter how much it affects your rankings, it doesn’t matter. You should still focus more on providing your website visitors with the best user experience possible then trying to get better rankings.

Over the next six blog posts, I’m going to go in depth about how to improve web page loading speed. Today’s post will answer the question “Does website speed affects SEO & search rankings?”
Read on and I’ll explain why it does and what factors play a role in page load speed.

SEO or search engine optimization has a lot of moving components and is affected by numerous of occurrences online. Through the years, Google and many search engines strive hard to provide the end-users optimum and useful information online to their fingertips. However, this doesn’t include your content. Search Engine Optimization can also be affected by your website. Among the latest and vital factor of your website strength is the page speed.

Page speed is the extent of time a certain page needs to be totally loaded. Page speed greatly depends on a number of factors, including the host, design and coding. As a matter of fact, load time is important for both search engines and end-users. End-users don’t stay for long on websites that take too long to load and search engine like Google will reprimand your website if it loads too long. Similarly, a fast website converts better.

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