Saturday, 13 January 2018

What is On Page SEO and Get Improve Your Website Ranking?

1. ON-Page SEO: -

ON page is a great topic for you. Page is based on Google's own rules, according to banana.On Page SEO has changed the use of your website, which has been used by Google to easily read and use the user Please visit the website from your site.

Why We Need SEO ?

This is the thing that I am searching for online business. On the off chance that you have a site, you won't have the capacity to get to your online business. On the off chance that you don't have a clue about the name of the site, you won't have the capacity to get to your site since you would prefer not to rank your site yet. You don't need to pay any consent for the business or you don't have any business. Your Google Web website will have the capacity to rank high on your website.

Content: -

In addition to simply including keywords, your site needs to have quality content to rank well. And although search engines can’t read your articles like humans, they can look at a few signals to determine whether or not your content is worth recommending to searchers.


When creating pages on your site, it’s important that they have substantial content. But how long should your content be? Short blurbs may be easier to produce, but don’t provide much to readers. Because of this, you should aim for quality over quantity. That doesn’t mean that you need to write encyclopedia-length pages, but that you should always provide comprehensive information to your site visitors.


Search engines prefer sites that are “fresh,” or regularly updated. This means that you can’t just create a bunch of pages and then let them sit for months at a time, hoping that your site traffic will improve. Of course, if you are happy with the content on those pages, there’s no need to change them just for SEO purposes. Instead, consider starting a blog. Even if you only post once a week, this will show search engines that your site is being maintained and updated regularly.


Considering that your site probably only spans one or two industries or interests, there’s a good chance that some of your pages, articles, and blog posts are related. Whenever possible, link this content together. If you’ve written a post about home decorating, for instance, link it to an earlier post about interior design—and vice versa.

Are you ready to jump in to SEO?

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