Sunday, 4 February 2018

How to Do Classified Submission - Free for members ?

5. Classified Submission: -

Classified Submission is a form of advertising that is specially in the newspapers, online and other materials, which can be sold or distributed for free. Classified ads are expensive than big display ads used by businesses, although display ads are more extensive, this increases the traffic of your website.

For only $5 you will get: -
– Manual Submission of your Classifieds to 30 Top USA sites.
– Full Report of the live backlinks (they are all auto-approved).
– These ads may easily generate you targeted traffic from people interested in your niche.
Features: -
– Created backlinks are permanent.
– Potential traffic/leads to your site.
– You can give your own text for the Ads.
– On request we can offer login/passwords, so you will be able to edit the Ads.
FDTPL Can Help You in Following Ways in Classified Submission: -
– Takes care of the guidelines of the classified directories while submitting ads in to it. You need not to read the guidelines.
– The ads are submitted in the classified directories, which are search engine friendly. Thus, the visibility of the websites and ads on search engine is kept in mind by us.
– From time to time, the classified directories are updates so prospective customers could be attracted. Besides, this practice also helps in enhancing the visibility of the web pages.
– SEO tools are used for increasing the visibility of the classifieds on the search engines.
–Classified directories that are attune to the products and services offered by the client are kept in mind.
– Detailed report of the classified submission and classifiedmarketing is provided to the clients so that they remain updated.

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