Thursday, 1 February 2018

What is Directory Submission in SEO?

4. Directory Submission: -
Directory submission is also a great way to rank your website. Please submit a link to your website near Dmoz, Via search these websites provide strong backlinks. Directory submission in SEO relates to the listing of any web address or site with the relevant details over various web directories under a specific category.
Directory submission performs the same function as phone directory and increases the popularity of websites with greater online exposure. Directory submission can be both free of cost and paid.
Direction Submission Process: -
 Select a directory that you want

 Check it for SEO friendliness

 Read it’s submission guidelines

 Provide details about your site

 Confirm your submission via email

Uses of Directory submission in SEO: -
➦ In order to get immense traffic on your website, you have to link your website in organic searches when the user picks a keyword. As more traffic and visibility of the website, both through organic searches and web links online search. Blog directories make your blog perceptible beyond the kingdom of your own blogging circle.

➦ The greatest benefit is obtaining some of the "linkjuice" passed from the page rank and domain authority of the directory. Directory submissions are great for newly established websites that don't currently have any domain authority. A handful of backlinks from high PR relevant directories can do wonders for the SEO of a website. Due to googles algorithms and their crack down on spam and duplicate content, I would avoid free directory's unless you are 100% sure they are high quality. Also, I would avoid mass directory submissions, only a handful is all that's needed. I am the webmaster for a paid directory, but we offer a free submission to websites that have a 4 or less spam score, and a domain authority of 30 or higher. We like to provide incentives to webmasters who care about the quality of their sites and we know that these sites will not affect the quality of ours, only makes it better.
Directory Submission Services: -

➦ We do only manual directory submissions. We don't use any software for submission.

➦ One-way link building.

➦ Permanent back link support with one-time investment.

➦ We keep all past records to avoid the duplication in future order.

➦ Detailed statistics report will be generated and delivered to you.

➦ Directory submitted by expert submitters who know where to submit your website.

➦ Submission takes place in quality web directories only.
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