Friday, 9 February 2018

What is Video Submission and Its Benefits in SEO?

7. Video Submission: -

Video submission is the process of submitting your unique company intro, publishing any products etc. To get a tremendous traffic in easiest way of marketing. Creating viral effect; even many of the companies involves the same technique to improve their online reputation.

Submitting your videos on video submission sites not only helps with building brand awareness but also provides highly valuable backlinks for your site. Video submission for creating backlinks is an extremely popular content syndication strategy. Most bloggers and web marketers are well versed with submitting their videos on YouTube. But, why limit yourself to a single website when there are hundreds of opportunities.

Why Videos?

If you haven’t already heard, video content is an important consideration for all brands on social. Video content is presently the most engaging form of content on social and predictions are that its popularity would continue to increase. As per a recent study, it is predicted that 70% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2020. So why do people love video over text content? What makes video content so popular? Here are the simple reasons:

1.  Most people don’t like reading long posts
2. Vieos are more engaging and attractive
3. Videos have better compatibility with different devices (smartphones, laptops etc.).
4. People love sharing videos on social media
5.  A video is worth 1.8 million words

SEO Benefits of Video Submission: -

Video submission is one of the best SEO technique which can improve your rankings and drive traffic to your blogs and website. However, it is important that you submit your videos to sites which have High PA, DA, Moz Rank and Alexa Rank. Some of the important SEO benefits of video submission on High DA Free Video Submission Sites are listed here,

1. Video submission is one of the best methods to build high authority backlinks
2.  It is an important part of the off-page SEO strategy
3. Videos can help drive relevant traffic to your posts
4. People are three times more likely to link to videos
5. Videos tend to get viral and acquire quality backlinks
6. Videos convey that you wish to communicate something important

When you create your profile on video submission sites, you can add a link to your website.

Guidelines for Video Submission: -

First and foremost, you need to create a good quality video. Some of the popular types of videos are:

1. Discussion with a co-host on a controversial topic
2. Interviewing an influencer or expert in your niche
3. How to’ videos or tutorials
4. Product review or unboxing videos

There are certain guidelines which you should follow while submitting your videos on High DA Free Video Submission Sites. These guidelines would help you rank your videos on Google Video, YouTube, and other video sites:

1. Including your keywords in the title and description of your videos
2. Make sure the keywords appear natural to crawlers and bots
3. Use a catchy title to improve the click rate in feed or search results
4. Write a thorough and relevant description
5. Tag and categorize your videos correctly as per your niche
6. Make your video embeddable

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